Provision Cam 2 App

For Provision-ISR CCTV Systems

App Setup

Scroll below for instructions how


Step 2

Open the App

Step 3

Privacy Statement

Tick – “I have read and agree to the Privacy Statement”

Then click Accept

Step 4

Account Mode

Click Skip in the top right corner

Step 5

Share your devices

Click Let’s go

Step 6

Add Device

To Scan your QR Code

Click Skip in the top right corner

Step 7

Server List

Click the Circle with the 3 dots in the top right corner

Step 8

Scan QR Code

Click “Scan code to add”

Step 9

Scan QR Code

Scan your QR code

Hint – the QR code is on the top of your NVR

Step 10

Enter your Details

Device Name = Anything you want to call it eg. Work, Home etc

Username = Your username

Password = Your Password


QR Codes, username and password are sent to you via an email from Moore Solutions at the completion of your job. Please check this document for all your relevant details.

Step 11

Server List

This is now connected to your System

1st icon – Notepad and Pen – this is where you can change the username and password

2nd icon – Circle with the play button – View your cameras live

3rd icon – Bin – Delete the cameras from your phone

4th icon – Gear – This give your basic info and details about your system

5th Icon – QR Code – This will show you your QR code for your system

Video Guides




Push Notifications


Setting an account


Server List


Full control at your finger tips


Freedom of Choice