Our CCTV Systems

Moore Solutions supplies and installs High-Quality commercial grade CCTV systems for Residential and Commercial properties.

What’s Included?

Includes Supply and installation of the entire system.

Includes setup on your mobile device for remote viewing (adequate internet supply required).

Access to training and support.

Local support and installation from a small cairns local business.

All systems use the latest Digital IP Technology.

All prices include GST

Digital IP-Based Systems

IP-Based Systems An IP-based system gives you the best quality image possible.

IP Systems use an ethernet cable to power the cameras, this means only 1 cable is required for installation methods.

MP or Mega Pixel is the amount of dots per square inch. Basically the more mega pixels you have the better the image will be.

The IP Range is
2MP (Full HD)

2,073,600 Pixels per image (1920×1080)

4MP (Ultra HD)

3,686,400 Pixels per image (2688×1520)

8MP (4K)

8,294,400 Pixels per image (3840X2160)

Why Provision-ISR?

Excellent build quality

Extremely reliable

Commercial grade systems

Fast, local Austalian Supplier

Not Chinese Made, Provision is made in Israel

Less problems, less breakdowns, less hassels

Our Preferred Supplier

7.5 things you need to know about CCTV systems

CCTV systems are not all the same

The below 7.5 questions, will help you make the correct choice for your requirements.


1. Do you have the licences to legally install CCTV systems?

To sell and install CCTV, you must legally carry a security licence and all relevant cabling licences. Do not use a company and installer without the necessary licences. Would you let a non-qualified electrician work on your home? Moore Solutions carries all licences and certificates to legally install CCTV.

2. Wireless vs Hardwired – The great debate
  • Wireless cameras use wifi technology to send the video signal wirelessly back to the recorder.
  • They still require either a hardwired cable to power the camera or a power point near the camera.
  • Battery cameras require no hardwired cabling, however, these batteries need recharging.
  • Wired cameras use a single Network cable (the same as a computer cable) to power and send the video/audio back to the recorder.
  • Wired cameras are more reliable and secure than wireless cameras.
  • Moore Solutions only installs wired cameras
3. What brand and where?
  • What company makes your CCTV hardware?
  • Where are they from? Chinese manufacturers allow the Chinese government access to your live feed, anytime they like!
  • We use Provision-ISR are an Israeli Manufacturer – A world leader in CCTV technology, which means a secure solutions every time.
4. What is the Megapixels of the cameras?
  • Megapixels are not everything, yes 8 is better than 4, 4 is better than 2 etc., but lens quality and the FPS (Frames per second) are more important.
  • We use 2MP, 4MP and 8MP cameras, which results in a crisp clear image every time.
5. What frames per second are the cameras? (fps)
  • Frames per second, or fps,is the simple act of measuring how many video frames the camera captures per second of video.
  • 25 fps means the camera captured 25 frames in a single second of video;
  • The higher the frames, the smoother the video will be.
  • Anything less than 25fps and the picture results in choppy or broken movement.
  • Our cameras are 25fps or higher – Resulting in a smooth and detailed video.
6. How strong (in meters) is the night vision?
  • All cameras have Night Vision, depending on how far and clear you to want to see at night should determine the type of IR.
  • Distance. Night vision is measured in distance (in meters).
  • We supply cameras with 20m 40m and 60m IR options.
7. How many cameras can the system support in total?
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR) come in channels, these channels represent how many cameras the system supports.
  • A 4CH NVR will support a maximum of 4 cameras, and 8CH will support a maximum of 8 cameras.
  • Our systems are customised for each job. we will give you all the info you need to make the best decision for you
7.5 What happens if there is a fault with the system?
  • Fast, Local Support, on time, everytime with a Next Business Day Guarantee for all major breakdowns.*
  • All CCTV Systems come with a 3yr warranty
  • Moore Solutions is a Cairns local business, we offer fast, reliable support.


See the difference between MP and FPS in the two videos below.

Resolutions Comparison

See the differences in Mega Pixel quality (but don’t be fooled but a high number of MP, fps is much more important)

Frame Rate or FPS

How fast the image is recorded, anything less than 25fps results in a poor quality jumpy picture.