Advanced object detection

What is DDA?

Detect – Distinguish – Alert

DDA™ VIDEO ANALYTICS is part of the Artificial Intelligence features developed by Provision-ISR.
Based on smart objects recognition technology, DDA™ VIDEO ANALYTICS allows the system to distinguish between:


Human Beings

Two Wheel Vehicle

Four Wheel Vehicles

Why upgrade to DDA?

 Reduce False Alarms

Accurate reporting of objects, humans, vehicles etc

Accurate notifications sent to your mobile devices

Unlike “Motion Detection“ (which is based on Pixel changes), Provision-ISR DDA™ VIDEO ANALYTICS is able to distinguish the type of “object” and to activate an alarm only in the case of a truly “suspicious” detection. This ability significantly reduces all the false alarms caused by rain, shadows, light changes, shacking trees, animals, etc

If you want notifications to your phone with accurate details about the object (human, vehicle) then these systems are recommended.

These systems will heavily reduce the false notifications sent to your mobile device.

For further information about DDA visit the website