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If its mounting a new TV to your wall
Setting up a new TV
Adding a TV point into a new room
We have you covered.

We even run the cables in the wall so you dont see those messy cables.

TV Antennas

Are you getting pixelation?

If yes then there is a good chance that your Antenna is either outdated, in need of alignment or may need a booster to fix the signal.

Moore Solutions has your covered. We use the best quality products that come backed by our supplier and carry a 2yr warranty.

In Cairns, there are only a very small number of black spots, if your having troubles with your signals give Moore Solutions are call now.


Wall Mounting

Moore Solutions are experts in mounting TVs on the wall and running cables through the walls, make your Big screen stand out and get rid of those messy cables for good.

New TV Outlets

If you want a TV added to a new location or in an new room, we can help you from as little as $120 to add a TV Point to a new room.



Master Antenna Television

It’s the way reception in large buildings such as hotels, schools, office blocks and apartment blocks is conveyed to every TV in the building, using a single master TV antenna.

Moore Solutions has been installing and building MATV systems for over 15 years, Some properites include, Hilton, Mantra Hotels, Marriott Hotels. 

The Majority of Digital Foxtel MATV system in cairns was built by us. As the dedicated installer for Foxtel Commercial you get the best and qualified technician avalible in Cairns.

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