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Costs - We all want to keep costs down, we have great systems that also keep your budget in mind.

A typcial 4 camera IP Digital 2MP (Full HD) system in a residentail home fully installedwould on average cost around $2400 including GST.

What you get for that
¤ 4 x 2MP IP(Full HD 1080P) Dome or bullet cameras
¤ 1 x 4ch NVR (Recorder)
¤ 1 x 2TB HDD
¤ Access via your mobile app from anywhere in the world*
¤ Installation
¤ After sales support 

Of course there are upgrades you can also select if you wish to add more cameras or upgrade from 2mp range.

These systems are of the highest quality and will last your alot longer than some other brands.

* Requires a valid hard wired internet supply


Provision Cameras are a world leader in the industry.

They cover a wide range of solutions from Analog HD to 4K Images on IP systems.

IP Based Systems

An IP based system gives you the best quality image possible.

IP Systems use an ethernet cable to power the camera's, this means only 1 cable is required for installation methods

The IP range is 2MP (Full HD), 5MP (Ultra HD) and 8MP (4K)

What does MP mean?

MP or Mega pixel is the amount of inty dots per square inch

2MP has 2,073,600 Pixels per image (1920x1080)

5MP has 4,915,200 Pixels per image (2560X1920)

8MP has 8,294,400 Pixels per image (3840X2160)

Basically the more mega pixels you have the better the image will be.

AHD Based Systems

A AHD system uses the latest technology on older types of cabling.

The cabling used is older installs have a coaxing cable (BNC) and a power cable to power and transmit data to the camera.

Although AHD systems give you a great picture, there is a big difference compared to an IP system.

AHD systems are more cost effective solutions.


Solutions for Every Environment

If you are a,

  • Home
  • Small Buisness
  • Large Business
  • Big Corporation

We have a solutions for you.


Remote Viewing - From anywhere in the world

All our systems come with the option to be able to not only view but playback and control every setting of your recorder from anywhere you have internet.

As long as your recorder is on and connected to the internet.

Enjoy piece of mind that you can view your cameras at any time, when and where you want.

Live view in single or multi-channel display mode (up to 16 channels).


  • Multi device live view.
  • Single login for all devices.
  • 2 way audio support- listen and talk.
  • Local video recording and playback on your mobile.
  • Landscape view with full features.
  • Image snapshot with instant sharing options.
  • Remote playback with time bar (up to 4 channels).
  • Remote system configuration. PTZ control


Why Choose Moore Solutions?

  • We will be there on time everytime
  • We take pride in our work
  • You get the best everytime
  • Support a locally owned and family operated business
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Get the best quality systems, at a affordable price
  • View your CCTV system from anywhere in the world (As long as your recorder is connected to the internet)


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